Taking into consideration the volatile dynamics of our global economic system, it has become a precondition for every business to consolidate their non-core financial services to ascertain a competitive edge. Today, CFOs and CPAs across the globe seek out accounting outsourcing firms that can assist them in reducing the company’s operating costs, increasing profits and establishing benchmarks for superior governance and conformity to regulations. That is exactly why the majority of them outsource accounting services to a third party company. We, fully grasp this compelling requirement of businesses and provide an extensive range of accounting back office services at competitive costs.

Our finance and accounting outsourcing services are outlined to support the client by setting up compliance and controls, equalizing expenditure and growth, cutting down the cash cycle and increasing the ROI. Size doesn’t make a difference for us & every client is equally important for us. We seek to serve you in the most efficient manner.

We do accounting in Tally software and cover the following aspects

  • Book Keeping Services.
  • Accounts Payable.
  • Accounts Receivable.
  • Bank Reconciliation.
  • Financial Reporting

Business Incorporation

  • Partnership Deed
  • Proper Filling
  • Proper Accounting
  • NRI Income Tax Returns
  • Proper Accounting
  • Transperant Services
  • Flow Up


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