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You are an NRI and have an assessed income in India and is over and above the exemptions limit of taxable income which is Rs 2,50,000, you need to file tax return. Even if you have any short term or long term capital gains which is below the exemptions limit you need to file tax return. provides you with NRI Complete Tax Management Solutions at all levels on an annual basis.

Pay once a year and have a team of Chartered Accountant and Tax Professional at your service all year round

Who should use Tax Returns and Management Solutions – NRI

You are Non Resident Indian and have accrued income in India which is over the basic exemption limit of Rs 2,50,000 then you have to file your tax return and comply with all tax compliances in India.

This package is for those employees who are working overseas for an assignment and paid in foreign currency or

For the for Non resident Indians who have income earned in India but have a non resident Indian status.

Also if you have a NRE/ NRO account with specified Banks then you have to efile your return.

Incase if you own any foreign assests you need to file return.

Needs to have regular tax calculations and updates on their income and taxes, as advance tax needs to be paid ontime and have windfall income expectations.

In that case you need a Tax Manager who can assist you in managi

We have two package for you:-

  • Tax Returns Package Solutions - NRI
  • Tax Management Solutions - NRI


  • Salary Returns
  • Business Returns
  • Professionals Returns
  • NRI Income Tax Returns
  • Proper Accounting
  • Issuing of Shares Certificate
  • Tax Audits


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