Issue of Share Certificate

Mandatory for All Companies Registered in India

  • The share certificate must be issued within 60 Days
  • Pay stamp duty within 30 days of share issuance
  • Non Compliance may result in imprisonment
  • Late compliance possible with additional fine

A company is under obligation to issue share certificates to its members within 60 days of allotment of shares and in case of a new company within 60 days of its incorporation. Under the provisions of the stamp act, the company is required to pay stamp duty on the issue of the share certificate. We assist companies in meeting corporate compliance.


  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • private Limited Company
  • Section 8 Company
  • One Persone Company(opc)
  • Limited Company

Issue of Share Certificate

The subscribers of the MOA & AOA are the first shareholders of the company, and under section 46 of the Companies, Act company must issue share certificates to its members in the format prescribed format showing clearly the number of shares held by a specific shareholder. The share certificates must be issued within a period of 60 days of its allotment or date of incorporation in case it is a newly incorporated company. The requirement of the issue if share certificate is similar for all kinds of company, whether it is an OPC, Small Company, any other Private Limited Company or Public Limited Company.

Section 3 of the Indian stamp act makes it mandatory for every share certificate to bear the essential stamp duty in accordance with the prevailing rate of the stamp duty in the respective state or union territory. The stamp duty is payable in all cases, even if the shares are issued in dematerialized format. Please note that the stamp duty on the share certificate is payable on the issue price of the security and not on the Par/ Nominal value of shares.


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